An all-purpose geo data visualization and management platform

80 % of all commercial and administrative decisions are connected to location. COWI MultiViewer (CMV), an all-purpose Geo data visualization and management platform facilitates exactly such processes. With MultiViewer, you can access, manage and distribute all your data exactly the way you want it. All types of geo data, regardless of their original sources, can be managed e.g. orthophotos, oblique images, street imagery, UAV-based imagery, 3D models, digital height models, WMS, and WFS data.

Multiviewer manages geo data with a project-based mindset – there is single entrance to all your data under a project that can be managed through layers, geo references, time, and customized registrations. This concept becomes very powerful when put into industrial contexts like civil structural inspection, property inspection, district heating network speculation, and facility management:

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