Why we invest in our talents

The target for our global talent programme ACCELERATOR is to offer a group of our talents a platform for personal and professional development in order to retain them - but there's more to it than that.

We want them to become role models and future leaders – and create that ripple effect that will benefit COWI, and ultimately society, as a whole.
Lars-Peter Søbye Chief Executive Officer, COWI
"Heroes at COWI are team players. So for these young talents, acting as role models implies that they're able to engage and motivate their colleagues and teams by taking responsibility, by being ambitious and by supporting others in accelerating their individual skills," says CEO Lars-Peter Søbye.

What is it like?

Meet Asbjørn Wejdling. One of COWI's shooting stars and participant in the Accelerator programme. For 18 months he is part of the extensive programme mixing stretch assignments, on-the-job-training, mentoring, course input and tasks designed specifically for his personal and professional development.

Facts about ACCELERATOR 

  • The talent programme has 24 participants and runs for 18 months.
  • It consists of a mix of stretch assignments, on-the-job-training, mentoring, course input and specific tasks for each participant. The average age is mid-thirties.
  • Participants are selected based on their performance and potential: Performance during the last three years and their potential for taking on a major responsibility.
  • The 24 candidates have all achieved excellent results, been good role models and at the same time shown strong capability, ambition and commitment to develop COWI.