COWI in Denmark

COWI's Business Line Denmark includes subsidiaries in Belgium, India, Poland, United Kingdom and Africa
Michael Bindseil
​Regional Vice President
Michael Bindseil
Soeren Adamsen
Regional Market Director
Søren Adamsen
Lars Green Lauridsen
Planning and economics

Senior Vice President: Lars Green Lauridsen

Economics and Management
Vice President: Søren Vikkelsø

Land Administration
Vice President: Henrik Steen Pedersen

Urban Planning and Transport
Vice President: Michael Knørr Skov

Urban Planning and Transport
Senior Market Director, Vice President: Jasper Kyndi

GIS and IT
Vice President: Steen Jappe

COWI Belgium
Market Director, Managing Director: Raphael Zayat      

COWI Mozambique
Managing Director: José Chembeze

Helle Vang Andersen
​Water and Environment

Senior Vice President: Helle Vang Andersen

Environment, Health and Safety
Vice President: Louise Rebien Villefrance

Waste and Contaminated Sites
Vice President: Torben Kristiansen

Groundwater and Geoscience
Vice President: Kerim Martinez

Water and Nature, East Denmark
Vice President: Gitte Godsk Dalgaard

Water and Nature, West Denmark
Vice President: Henrik Nielsen

Vice President: Anders Thyge

COWI Tanzania
Managing Director: Anne Mette R. von Benzon
COWI Zambia
Managing Director: Peter Sievers
Peter Hostrup Rasmussen
Railways, Metros, Roads and Airports

Senior Vice President: Peter Hostrup Rasmussen

Railways and Metro

Signalling, power and safety
Vice President: Louise Krabbe Boserup

Permanent way, catenary and utilities
Vice President: Søren Husted

Rail, Poland
Head of Section: Jacek Jedrys

Highways and Airports International
Vice President: Thomas Mejer

Airports, Highways and Water, India
Head of Section: Alexandre Bertrand Didier Bouleau

Infrastructure, Tanzania
Head of Section: Emmanuel Uroki

Vice President: Anders Christensen

Transport Infrastructure, South Denmark
Vice President: Lars Dalager Hansen

Transport Infrastructure, Central Denmark
Vice President: Michael Grøne Andersson

Transport Infrastructure, North Denmark
Vice President: Mette Thomsen
COWI Uganda
Managing Director: Eric Goss

Frans Dupont

Senior Vice President: Frans Dupont

Project Management Consultancy & Building Design, East Denmark
Vice President: Marie Louise Worsøe
Vice President: Mikkel Mikkelsen

Project Management Consultancy & Building Design, West Denmark
Vice President: Lars Becher

Buildings, East Denmark
Vice President: Ervin Nordahl Haukrogh
Vice President: Thomas Solgaard Sørensen
Buildings, Central Denmark
Vice President: David Cuquerella Albert

Buildings, North Denmark
Vice President: Morten Haugaard Jacobsen        
Buildings, South Denmark and Funen
Vice President: Søren Møller Andersen

Brian Seeberg Larsen
Industry and Energy

Senior Vice President: Brian Seeberg Larsen

Senior Market Director: Marc Normann

Senior Project Director: Keld Almegaard

Bioenergy and Thermal Power
Vice President: Jens Bjørnmose

Wind Energy and Renewables
Vice President: Jan Behrendt Ibsø

District Heating
Vice President: Keld Almegaard

Vice President: Uffe Jensen

Simon Musaeus
Mapping and Surveying

Senior Vice President: Simon Musäus

Mapping projects
Vice President: Søren Vosgerau Jesperse

Mapping - sales
Vice President: Bart Tuyteleers

Vice President: Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted

Mapping operations, India
Director: Andriy Dzekanyuk

Mapping operations, Poland
Director: Maciej Stankowiak